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What does mental health recovery mean to me?

Welcome to #myrecoverydiary, a page devoted to images, comments and videos about mental health recovery submitted by people just like you.

Want to contribute? Scroll to the bottom of this page for submission guidelines.

Want to see yourself on this page?

Just take out your smartphone and get started! Send us a picture or short film of you or your fave place and a sentence or two answering the question:

What does mental health recovery mean to me?

Send to or you can tag us @oc87rd and use #myrecoverydiary on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll collect everyone’s contribution to remind the world that we are not alone!

Tips for beginning filmmakers:

* 1 – 2 minute mental health recovery film is all we need
* Hold the phone vertically
* Be somewhere relatively quiet with minimal background noise
* Make sure you’re well-lit
* Be creative, brief, and brave
* Talk to us about what mental health recovery means to you

Please Note: Submitting your film or photo to us is not a guarantee that it will be used. If we intend to feature your contribution, you will be contacted, and your submission entitles us full and complete permission to feature the film or image on OC87 Recovery Diaries and on any of our social media outlets.