OC87 Women's Writing Retreat - Online November 13 – 15, 2020

Virtual OC87 Recovery Diaries Women’s Writing Retreat!
November 13 – 15, 2020

November brings us into a liminal space, a space between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice. At this time, we are traveling deeper into self, cozying up, perhaps protecting our hearts a little more.

It is in this space that we will gather for an OC87 Recovery Diaries Women’s Writing Retreat, dedicated to exploring the liminal spaces within ourselves and in the world around us. We will take cues from nature, we will lean into the lessons we can learn from the rhythms and cycles of the world, we will pull that forth from within, and we will write.

Writing, in its own way, is a liminal space. It is our attempt to take what is within us and put it into the hearts of others. It is through words that we try to touch through the ether.

We will gather virtually the weekend of November 13, on the cusp of the full moon.

Friday evening we will have an opening ceremony to mark the beginning of our time together. Saturday and Sunday will give you opportunities for yoga, meditation, writing workshops, time to gather, and time to relax.

This will be a weekend of coming together in community. Most importantly, this is your weekend and can be whatever you need it to be. Attendance at any or all of the offerings is optional, and you are encouraged to be mindful of what you need, dip in and step out as you need to.

While we wait for the time when we can gather in person again, we invite you to join us in November for this virtual writing retreat.




Xandra O’Neill is a writer, retreat leader, and owner of Sacred Becoming. She believes in the power of story to heal and grow connection, and she incorporates meditation, writing, and gratitude through the work that she shares in the world. She has always believed in the power of taking care of ourselves in order to best take care of others and the world, and she teaches practices of ritual and wellness in workshops, retreats, and in one-on-one work with her coaching clients.In addition to teaching, practicing, and immersing herself in writing and meditation, Xandra creates malas, gets to the ocean whenever she can, and spends time with her family just outside of Philadelphia.



Ruth Clark is a solo world traveler, writer, teacher, and communications extraordinaire. Her work focuses on travel, mental health, and authentic living. Her most recent essays have been featured in HelloGiggles, Modern Trekker, and Women’s Agenda, as well as within her own business, Ruth Clark Creative. She currently calls Denver home and finds joy in world travel, wandering the woods, hanging with her siblings, and social justice.






How was your overall experience at the retreat?


“The entire experience was FANTASTIC and I felt so grateful to be there each moment. You created a safe space where we all connected quickly on the deepest level of our humanity, which is no easy task. I’m honestly getting goosebumps again just writing this.”



“The amount of love and support I felt this week was overwhelming. I think the activities were brilliantly planned.”



“Everything was so great I can’t just check off one thing — the ancient Greeks prescribed watching plays for emotional issues. Maybe now the American cure for emotional imbalance will be retreats like these.”



“Incredible. Inspiring. I LOVED it.”





What did you take away from this event?


“I don’t even know where to start, but this retreat soothed and filled my soul! I was able to connect with so many wonderful women (and Gabe [OC87 Recovery Diaries’ Editor in Chief] of course!) and really focus on writing which I have so little time to do in day to day life. I loved the opportunity to present at the open mic and to hear everyone’s stories. This event felt miraculous and so much needed in my life at this point in time. I walked away with extreme gratitude in my heart.”



“I left with a little more courage in talking about my mental health and a little more confidence in my writing. Also I got some pretty amazing connections and friends and I was able to think about mental health and my own life in a different way, both good and bad.”



“This weekend was transformative. In many senses I feel like I have found my ‘tribe’. I never felt judged, I felt like I had the freedom to take some risks with my writing, and I met people who I hope to be friends with forever.”



“I am taking away several new friendships, a renewed enthusiasm for writing and a feeling of rejuvenation in my life.”



“It was exactly what I needed at this moment at my life. I’m excited to write more and see where it takes me.”






The retreat on Zoom will begin on Friday, November 13th at 7:00pm with an opening ceremony, followed by a full day Saturday and a full day Sunday. Folks can tune in for as little or as much of it as they want and there will be ample breaks.

Participants are asked to contribute $50 for registration.