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Praise from Contributors

OC87 Recovery Diaries is a unique hub; an outlet that lets those affected by mental illness relay their stories, experiences and recovery process. I didn’t understand the enormity of publication but, when my story was published, I was flooded with questions and admiration. People wanted to know more and, in so doing, I felt like I was able to educate and bring the subject out from the shadows. It was a truly cathartic experience, but the most incredible aspect is being contacted by complete strangers who have read my article and in desperate need of guidance themselves. OC87 Recovery Diaries is a lifeline and gives hope to those struggling.

Lior Blum; author of Never Eat Yellow Snow

OC87 Recovery Diaries is important to me because it’s a safe space for me to share to my thoughts about my illness while, at the same time, contributing to help others who may be feeling or going through the same things. Thank you, OC87 RD!

Mike Hedrick; OC87 Recovery Diaries featured contributor

It has been a privilege to work with OC87 Recovery Diaries and to be part of their beautiful mission. Thank you, OC87 Recovery Diaries, for being a tremendous source of hope and change for so many of us who live with, and thrive with these illnesses of the brain. Storytelling is one of our greatest tools in ending discrimination, eliminating shame, preventing suicide, and educating each other and those we love about these illnesses. There is so much power in reading the lived experience of many courageous, bright and articulate people and to hear how they have navigated a difficult journey. It is a gift to be reminded that we can manage these illnesses, that they do not define us, and that our compassion and creativity and dedication to helping others is only strengthened by what we’ve been through. Bravo to OC87 Recovery Diaries for being visionary leaders at the frontier of change.

Meg Hutchinson; singer-songwriter, poet, advocate, and author of a two-part OC87 Recovery Diaries essay: Part 1, and Part 2

I am so happy that OC87 Recovery Diaries exists. It is a wonderfully accessible resource for people with mental illness and their families. I love the richness and sincerity of those who share on OC87 Recovery Diaries.

Christa Godillot, RN; psychiatric inpatient registered nurse, featured in a two-part interview; Part 1, and Part 2

OC87 Recovery Diaries Film Feedback

Learn more about the film here »

“I definitely enjoyed it. Thank you.” — Andrew Pollar

“I expected each story to be unique, but I loved how the mode of telling each story was so different. Excellent and engaging.” — Laura Riordan

“It was an excellent experience to combat stigma and get to the truth of how people cope with their own personal mental health.” — Jeffrey A. Harkins, Project TEACH Lead Coordinator

“Really inspiring & eye-opening. Two things that I took away. 1.) From Mike Veny’s film: that one’s mental illness, while possibly debilitating, also serves some purpose and, once you understand this, there is a possibility to use it in recovery. 2.) From the “Our Town” film: as a MH professional, the idea of doing a play or some other creative endeavor with fellow staff members who you may or may not work closely with, is an extraordinarily wonderful idea to help promote greater understanding, “team work” & humanity. One would hope that, by participating in this process, one’s empathy & compassion for both fellow staff & clients would/could increase.” — Andrew Kind-Rubin, Ph.D., VP, Chief Clinical Officer, Child Guidance Resource Centers

“Thank you for making this wonderful film! The whole world needs to see this. Ideas: I get emails from Bring Change to Mind (Glenn Close is a founder.) Perhaps they can promote this film. Would be a good avenue.” — Sue Stauffer

“The film was inspiring and helps the audience understand mental health issues in a new way.” — Karen Irwin, Community Liaison, Friends Hospital

“Education conferences (of which there are many) would be good places for screenings. For example, the International Literacy Association has their main yearly conference, plus many state and international conferences throughout the year.” — Anonymous

“I applaud the film participants for airing their dirty laundry. I really look forward to seeing the entire film.” — V. Michael Harris, NHS

“I really enjoyed the preview and will definitely watch the full show. Also, the info shared during the panel discussion was very enlightening.” — Anonymous

“Wonderful film, beautifully filmed, strong narratives. Thank you! Especially liked the way the staff cared for each other in “Our Town.” Really liked the “Interview with my Depression” and Stephanie’s engagement with her horse. Suggestion: open discussion to audience a little sooner.” — Vic Compher, LCSW