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Holding Space: PMADS & Maternal Mental Health

“Holding space” is a term used often in the therapy community.

A quick Google search and a chat with a therapist friend tell us that it means all good things — being physically, mentally, and emotionally present for someone; putting your focus on someone to support them as they feel their feelings; being with someone without judgment, but with empathy and compassion.


This new OC87 Recovery Diaries series titled “Holding Space: Stories of Maternal Mental Health” honors the term and the women who courageously chose to participate in it. Our series presents five individuals who tell of heartbreaking and challenging journeys with postpartum depression and perinatal anxiety and mood disorders (known as PMADS). Their stories of sadness and struggle are counteracted by each woman’s steely resolve to get better.

We encourage any or all of these PMADS films to be shown at birthing / breastfeeding / postpartum / new parent support groups, for viewing by/with ob/gyns, lactation consultants, doulas, therapists and anyone invested in de-stigmatizing maternal mental health challenges.

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