8 Mental Health Instagram Accounts You Should Know About

8 Mental Health Instagram Accounts You Should Know About


At OC87 Recovery Diaries, our mission is to bust stigma around mental illness. We share stories of hope, empowerment, and change across a range of life experiences and diagnoses. In addition to publishing new stories on our website weekly, we’re always looking to social media for other empowering stories around mental health.

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Mental Health seeks to end damaging stigma by posting uplifting and honest stories. The account is by @jessicavwalsh who says:

Writing down my own story has been incredibly empowering and freeing. Since I’ve started talking openly about my issues with people around me, I’ve been surprised to find just how common mental health issues are. Friends and colleagues who often lead seemingly perfect or successful lives, even those in prominent positions within the creative industry have come forward and shared their stories.


Broken Light Collective

Broken Lights Collective is a non-profit that empowers people affected by mental illness through photography. Broken Lights Collective founder @DanielleHark says:

Welcome to Broken Light Collective’s online photography gallery for people affected by mental illness. Broken Light Collective strives to create safe and accepting environments where photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health challenges can display their work, as well as inspire one another to keep going and keep creating, despite the dark or scary places in which they may find themselves.


You are invited to create art for the site or come visit whenever you may be feeling low, hopeless, or just need something positive on which to focus. You will see, and show others, that you are not alone, no matter how you feel. If you have a mental health challenge yourself, or have friends or family who do, then you qualify to be a contributor. You may also contribute if you are someone who helps other people who may be struggling, such as a volunteer, humanitarian, or mental health professional.

Check out our video post on Danielle Hark and Broken Light Collective to learn more.


Project 1 in 4

1 in 4 people have mental health issues. Raising mental health awareness, one sketch at a time. Real people and real stories to create real change. From the creator:

Project 1 in 4 is a daily exploration of the everyday struggles presented by mental illness. Because banishing the stigma of mental illness starts with awareness, and awareness begins with education, mindfulness and empathy. 26.2% or 1 in 4 American adults currently suffer from a diagnosable condition. This amounts to a societal cost of 300 billion dollars per year.


For 100 days, I will illustrate one thought, emotion or behavior revealed to me through a series of interviews with people who have personally experienced mental illness. These people are our family members, our friends, our co-workers and our neighbors. Love and support makes all the difference.


8 Tips for Telling Your Own Story

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Buddy Project

Buddy Project is a non-profit movement aiming to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing people with buddies and raising awareness for mental health. Founder @GabbyFrost says:

We will primarily focus on children, teens and young adults across the globe by providing positivity, companionship, resources and education, in order to reduce the stigma of mental illness, bullying and negativity on social media. By introducing these concepts at an early age, we hope to promote empathy, compassion and awareness of mental health issues.

Check out our interview with Gabby Frost to learn more about the Buddy Project.


This Is My Brave

This Is My Brave shares true stories of individuals living with mental illness to end stigma through personal essays, original music, and poetry. More on their mission:

Through the sharing of stories and experiences of those in recovery, we provide a sense of community and hope; and encourage others to share their stories. We believe that each time one of us shares our story, there’s another crack helping to break down the stigma of mental illness. Right now, it’s time to #LiveBrave, stand up with us to say #isharemystory and help us bring mental health issues into the spotlight because they’ve been in the dark too long.

Learn more by reading the posts on our website from This Is My Brave co-founder, Jennifer Marshall.


NoStigmas is a global peer-led movement raising awareness for mental health & suicide prevention through education, support, and action. The NoStigmas mission states that:

Our hope is to build a network of compassionate, educated and inspired individuals that share a common goal of eliminating stigmas about mental health. We believe that anyone can find a way to include these values in their everyday life and create a ripple effect that brings awareness to mental illness and help prevent suicide.


Break Yo Stigma

Break Yo Stigma is making a statement in mental health. How this movement came to be:

Break Yo Stigma is an outlet for mental health, building a community for those of us suffering from mental illness and loved ones in our support system. What began as a team name for San Francisco NAMIWalks in 2012, turned into a positive mental health social media campaign educating and sharing stories about our strengths, not weaknesses.



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