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“When we talk about hope and mental health, what that kind of means is that you’re OK with your past, you’re satisfied with what you’re doing right now day to day, and you’re optimistic about the future.” — Tim Connors

OC87 Recovery Diaries and Philadelphia public television station WHYY teamed up with groups from four area mental health providers to create original short films that detail journeys of recovery and transformation.

We are thrilled to present the first of the four projects, Hearing Voices, directed and edited by Tim Connors, Berta Britz, and Robert D. Martin.

Next up is the OC87 Recovery Diaries behind the scenes interview with Tim Connors, one of the creators of the above video.

Berta Britz and Robert D. Martin work for Creating Increased Connections, an organization that is staffed primarily by people with the lived experience of mental health and co-occurring challenges. Creating Increased Connections uses the lived experience to enhance the delivery of recovery oriented and trauma informed mental health services.

Tim Connors and Berta Britz edit their video

Tim Connors and Berta Britz edit their video

“It is my personal story, but it is in no way a one of a kind or unique. A lot of people have gone through this.” — Tim Connors

Robert D. Martin and Berta Britz try out the camera.

Robert D. Martin and Berta Britz try out the camera.

Creating Increased Connections invited Tim Connors from the Montgomery County Hearing Voices peer support groups to share his experience with hearing voices. In his film, Tim shares his recovery and he and his friends talk about how they have learned to create a healthy relationship with these voices. Through the support of family and groups Tim leads a happier and healthier life.

Tim Connors tries the new camera and footage of him is on the computer screen.

Tim Connors tries the new camera and footage of him is on the computer screen.

“People can hear voices and recovery isn’t making the voices go away permanently. It’s really learning to live and change that relationship with the voices into something that’s a lot more positive and less intrusive in terms of interruptions to life.” — Tim Connors



Hearing Voices Credits

Co Directors/Editors
Berta Britz Organizer and coordination
Tim Connors Overall editing of video
Rob Martin Filming, and Finding Images

Berta Britz Montgomery County Hearing Voices Coordinator, RHD / Creating Increased Connections
Tim Connors Certified Peer Specialist, Magellan of PA
Mara Fala Certified Peer Specialist, Penn Foundation
Jim Klausen Certified Peer Specialist, Mental Health Assoc. of Southeastern PA
Joe Rhodes Certified Peer Specialist, RHD/Creating Increased Connections
Mark Stephenson Manager of Construction, HUB Design Build

Eric Ayres Certified Peer Specialist, Eagleville
Lynne Stephenson President, HUB Design Build

“Voices,” by Mary Maddock

Academic Mall State University of NY, Stony Brook Campus
Conference Room Montgomery County Human Services Center
Meeting Room RHD/Creating Increased Connections
Office Lobby Magellan of PA, Montgomery County Office
Personal Residences Tim Connors, Mark & Lynne Stephenson

Intervoice, International Community for Hearing Voices Website
Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network, Montgomery County Pennsylvania Website

Living With Voices, Prof Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, et al.
Working with Voices II, Ron Coleman, workbook
From Victim to Victor

Special Thanks to
Resources for Human Development, Creating Increased Connections
Magellan of PA
Montgomery County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
OC87 Recovery Diaries
SUNY Stony Brook Disabled Student Services
WHYY – Community Media Resource Center

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OC87 Recovery Diaries and public television station WHYY have collaborated to team up with first-time filmmakers to create a new series of videos that tell inspiring journeys of recovery. A special thanks to WHYY’s Craig Santoro, Director of Media Instruction, Lisa Wilk (2015), Sarah Milinski, and Steve Dixon, Media Instructors at the Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons at WHYY for their technical and storytelling support; and to WHYY behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott for giving her support and a workshop on interviewing techniques. OC87 co-director and documentary filmmaker Glenn Holsten is the project facilitator. Bud Clayman is executive producer of the project. Follow this link to watch all of the videos in this series >