Beyond The Bullet: Gun Violence Survivors Support Group

Beyond The Bullet: Gun Violence Survivors Support Group

This series presents members of the Gun Violence Survivors’ Support Group, based in Philadelphia, who tell of their journeys of pain and healing, isolation and community, and, most beautifully, stories of recovery, love and support.

For over a year now, a group of remarkable men and women have gathered in Philadelphia to discuss mental health and gunshot violence — first live, now virtually. They come from different parts of the city. They are of different ages and have different talents and skills. They have different living situations. They do have a few things in common, however. They are all in wheelchairs. And they are all have experienced trauma. They are members of the Gun Violence Survivors’ Support Group, a fellowship of victims of Philadelphia’s gun violence.

Some have been paralyzed for years; others, just months. They gather to collectively heal, support and uplift each other. Headlines may convey death tolls from gun violence. But what they don’t chronicle are the formidable challenges of being a survivor.

All of the voices in this series deserve our attention. Their lives are the window into the very human suffering that gun violence has on our society, and their stories are filled with a strength and resilience that is awe-inspiring.

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