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Eating Disorders: Eating disorders are a class of mental illness in which irregular eating behaviors, most commonly associated with significant distress and distorted beliefs about body weight or shape, have a negative impact on one’s nutritional health and social functioning. For more comprehensive information on eating disorders, please click here.

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Eating Disorder Healing and Changing Our Narratives Around Them

Eating Disorder Healing and Changing Our Narratives Around Them

This mental health recovery story focuses on Ziba’s journey through an eating disorder, that often felt invisible. Ziba felt unseen in her disordered habits around eating and misunderstood when she first shared that she made herself sick to doctors. As she learned more about her disease and found help herself, Ziba worked to dismantle stereotypes and bust stigma. Through therapy and group work Ziba was able to understand her disorder and reconnect to herself. Read more!

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