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10 Moving & Powerful Depression Videos


OC87 Recovery Diaries produces and posts an original mental health video every month. The films we create cover what it’s like to live with many different diagnoses including schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, addiction, Asperger’s syndrome, and borderline personality disorder.

We’re always looking to other creators around the internet for inspiration as we seek to #buststigma about mental illness. This post is a round up of depression videos on YouTube that have us feeling educated, moved, and empowered to continue sharing mental health recovery stories.


If Depression Were A Monster by BFMP, presented by BuzzFeedYellow

A short film without words, this video’s light take on a heavy subject is powerful and poignant. A plush, life-sized monster representing depression follows a young woman through a day in her life, illustrating what it can feel like to live with the burden of this diagnosis. Walking down the street, trying to be present in social situations, and spending time home alone, the personified monster of mental illness co-stars in this unique depression video.



Photographer and filmmaker Kat Napiorkowska‘s YouTube video, “LIVING WITH DEPRESSION” is gorgeously filmed. Kat does not experience depression but has close relationships with people who are diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. She created this video to bust stigma around depression and open the conversation for people to discuss their symptoms, seek professional help, and to show people suffering with depression that they are not alone.


“Interview with Depression” with Mike Veny by Glenn Holsten on OC87 Recovery Diaries

Mike Veny wrestles with many mental health challenges, and talks openly about his daily struggles with anger, depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. However, those diagnoses do not define him. Mike is a successful entrepreneur, student of improv acting, and a terrific drummer. In this video from award-winning filmmaker Glenn Holsten, Mike interviews his depression.

Watch and read more from Mike Veny at this link.


Day 14 // Short Film about Depression by Grace Chia

A seventeen-year-old mixed media artist from Tasmania, Grace Chia has created this short film about her own experiences with depression. About the film Grace says, “Probably one of my most personal journeys through film making as I tried to show what it was truly like to live with depression. This project took 5 months and I hope you all can take away something from it.” Seeing a young person’s willingness to communicate about her experiences with mental illness in order to help other people is inspiring.


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Depression, PTSD & Anxiety Recovery – Rachel in Hollywood Beauty Salon documentary by Glenn Holsten

As inspiring and motivational as Rachel is, her recovery — like all recovery — is a process, and it’s not easy. She faces the same struggles of any working parent — child care, financial stress and relationship worries — in addition to maintaining her mental health. Every day is a delicate balance. Rachel says, “I would not want to change my life, even all the negative and bad stuff, because it actually made me who I am. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Learn more about the documentary and Rachel’s story at this link.


This Is What It Feels Like To Be Depressed by BFMP and Tonya Ingram, presented by BuzzFeedYellow

In this video, spoken word artist Tonya Ingram has written an open letter to her depression. Illustrated by scenes from Tonya’s daily life and animation by Caroline Miller, this depression video speaks to people living with the diagnosis and can explain what it’s like to live with depression to someone who doesn’t have that personal experience.


The Lies Depression Tells You by Calum McSwiggan

Calum is a LGBT Lifestyle YouTuber, making videos about gay rights, mental health, sex education and everything in between. This straightforward video addresses many common intrusive thoughts that people living with depression experience. Calum speaks directly to the viewer, encouraging contrary action, shedding light on the disease of depression, and leaving his audience feeling seen and empowered.


Depression | Spoken Word Poetry by Taz

Taz writes, speaks, and films her spoken word poetry on depression and other mental health topics in order to process her own recovery journey, connect with others, and shed light on the stigma of mental illness. From this depression video Taz says:

Do you think I enjoy to watch myself fall?
Into this hole of self hate, shame and loathe
So I just hide and put up a wall
That’s so high, you will never see my pain or any of my flaws – I create this character and she is perfect, she’s invincible.


A Journey Within by Glenn Holsten

At one time in Monica’s life, her mental health was suffering. Monica experienced isolation and fear, depression and anxiety. When she “came out” as Monica, all of the “traditional” support systems for youth — family, school, church — abandoned her. Without a future in sight, she tried to take her life, an all-too-common attempt for a transgender youth. Monica has bravely taken steps to shape a future. She was excited about creating a video that could provide hope and inspiration to other youth who may need the help and support that she sought at one time.

Read more about Monica’s story here.


Its name is depression (Spoken Word Poetry) by Anna

German musician, poet, and filmmaker Anna shares about her experience with depression in this video. A high school student, Anna is incredibly articulate about what it’s like for her to live with depression, which can open the doors for other young people to be honest about their own mental health issues. In this film Anna says about depression:

And then, one morning I wake up thinking hey this could be a good day, but then my shadow comes around and puts on a filter of grey shades, invisible tears dropping on my jeans while I sit in school and stare on screens, in a class of thirty teens am I the only one not having the strength to study molecular motion, I barely remember my own devotion, and I walk home and go to sleep, just to repeat and repeat and repeat…

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