Valéry Brosseau, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Valéry Brosseau

Valéry was born in Montréal, Canada and she has always been a writer. She is also a passionate speaker and mental health advocate. She writes to express, release and connect. She has always said that her goal is to write something that means something to somebody. She began volunteering in the mental health field in 2013, winning awards for her volunteer work and developing a strong passion for mental health advocacy and awareness. In 2019, she delivered a TEDx talk on the stigma surrounding suicide. She has also written for organizations such as the National Alliance for Mental Illness and the International Bipolar Foundation. Valéry’s goal is to start honest conversations about mental health. She now delivers talks and workshops, equipping companies and organizations with the tools and language to support others and manage their own mental health.