Rachael Lamb, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Rachael Lamb

Rachael Lamb grew up in Maine and moved to Arizona. Currently she works as a paraprofessional with middle school students with learning disabilities and behavioral issues. She also is a freelance painter. She lives with her husband and three children.
The Kid’s Alright, or Close Enough; My Asperger’s Diagnosis

The Kid’s Alright, or Close Enough; My Asperger’s Diagnosis


Rachael grew up with a feeling that she was different from others. She experienced anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms and had regular meltdowns. Eventually these things turned into a problem with substance abuse. Her inability to adapt to change and childhood anxiety created a barrier, how Rachael’s diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome in adulthood helped her to understand her past and gain a newfound stability. Once, Rachael could understand what was going in her mind, she was able to take back control of her life. Read more about Rachael’s story!

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