Makayla Hutchison, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Makayla Hutchison

Who is Makayla? She is… well, even she doesn’t know the answer to that question yet. She’s an almost thirty-year-old who is only now figuring out that life isn’t supposed to be rainbows and sunshine. Logically she knew this all along, however, it took having a complete mental breakdown to the extent of her suicidal ideation threatening physical harm before being able to find the light she had been searching for since childhood. She is figuring it out with each and every day, with each passing thought. For so long she was kept in darkness and hidden away from her full potential. With the help of therapy and a passion for writing, she's began to uncover the dusty lockbox of personality. Although she has suffered through a lifetime of depression and anxiety, all coping mechanisms included, her ADHD and mentality do not define Makayla. She has found the drive within her to use her writing and personal experiences with mental difficulties as well as other health-related problems to help inform those whom she cares about as well as any passersby who wishes to read Makayla's research and understandings of this world we live in. The warrior within her has risen from ashes much like a phoenix to fight her demons. If her writing only helps one person, one is more than what she was doing before, so one is progress. Writing is MaKayla’s source of release when the burden of the uncontrolled mind takes the wheel. To uncover the truth behind our conscious and subconscious minds, how to unlock our fullest potential, and how to live the life she absolutely desires and deserves. She is kind and caring and dreams of helping people everywhere to know they are not alone. The world is a scary place, reading, listening, and seeing that someone else understands the trauma involved can be all the help one person might need. Makayla uses her experiences and knowledge in many aspects of her life to help understand the traumas we put our minds and bodies through just to live a day in this world. Follow her words on her Instagram @ourimprovementproject and at her website