Lou Rambeau, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Lou Rambeau

Lou Rambeau is an eighteen year old artist living and creating in New Orleans, Louisiana. Known as “the girl with the shaved head”, Lou began her journey in activism at just fifteen years old. She’s worked with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, ABC Television, Amber Rose, The Mighty, Project Consent, Buddy Project, One Love Foundation, and more. When she’s not in class at Tulane University or at work as a barista, you’ll probably find her either at a local vegan restaurant, at the pottery wheel, riding her horse, or front row at a Halsey concert. Though her online presence is macro, with articles reaching over 51,000 likes and artwork being showcased across the country, you can still easily reach her via email, her website, or social media if you want to collaborate or exchange pics of cute cats. Email | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook