Lisa Stout, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Lisa Stout

Lisa Stout is a busy mother of four children. When not spending time with her family, she attends college part time and works as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Lisa enjoys writing poetry and short stories. You can find her blog at Through her blog, Lisa hopes to provide insight into living with mental illness, provide support to others living with mental illness, as well as help to bust the stigma associated with mental illness.
I Suppressed Everything – A Story of Abuse and Bipolar

I Suppressed Everything – A Story of Abuse and Bipolar


This mental recovery story focuses on Lisa’s journey of childhood trauma, abuse and eventually her diagnosis of bipolar. After years of physical, sexual and mental abuse, Lisa thought she had found stability, until her mania set in followed by severe depression. Lisa’s life felt like it was spinning out. Her physical, sexual and mental abuse dictated her life, her mania felt out of control, how Lisa came to terms with her diagnosis of bipolar and past trauma and found a way to heal. With time and therapy Lisa found ways to cope. Read more about Lisa’s journey!