Kathryn Rose Wood, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Kathryn Rose Wood

Kathryn Rose Wood is board-certified music therapist, songwriter, and musician based in New Orleans by way of Oahu and Pennsylvania. With professional degree in music therapy from Loyola University New Orleans, Kathryn has been practicing clinically since 2011 in a variety of settings including mental health treatment, developmental & intellectual disability day-habilitation, traditional education classrooms, substance abuse rehabilitation, and memory-care programming. A lifelong social justice advocate, Kathryn’s commitment to mental health advocacy on a local and national level grew with the passing of her younger brother to suicide. In light of this grievous event, Kathryn released her solo album, “In The Ashes,” compiled of music amid Kathryn’s grief process and spiral into suicidal depression, in hopes of providing connection, respite, and hope to those facing similar struggles. In addition to her musical pursuits, serves on the board for the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana, marches with a New Orleans Mardi Gras krewe, continues education toward a second degree in clinical rehabilitation counseling, and volunteers her time as a palliative care musician with the Songs for Kids Foundation.