John Mollura, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: John Mollura

John is a full-time commercial photographer and lives in coastal southern Delaware with his wife of 16 years, Brenda and their three children. John’s photography is known for striking a balance between clean, sharp, and technically precise photos, balanced with artistic perspectives and highly-creative uses of light and motion. Since he has no degrees in photography, John believes that he is a steward of his natural ability. He continually seeks out ways to use photography to bless others and bring positivity into the world. John is the Director of the Southern Delaware Chapter of Help-Portrait. Every year, the Southern Delaware Help-Portrait team of volunteers provides hundreds of digital and printed professional photo portraits, free of charge, to members of the community. Also, John has started a photo-walk group in his town to create a supportive community of people interested in creating bonds that encourage each other in the tension that lies between the desire to create and the fear and trepidation that can sometimes surround showing artistic creations to the world. Check out John’s portfolio here and see what he’s up to on his blog and instagram.