Jennifer Marshall, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer Marshall is a wife and mom to Owen (6) and Vivian (4). Before kids, Jennifer enjoyed a successful career as a recruiter, but several years ago traded in her resume-filtering skills to freelance write and run a non-profit. She began blogging anonymously about living with bipolar type 1 disorder and motherhood on her blog, Bipolar Mom Life, in 2011. The weight of her secret became too heavy in 2013 when Jenn realized she wanted to take off the mask and make a difference by sharing her story, and encouraging others to do the same. Today she is Co-Founder and Executive Director of This Is My Brave, Inc., an organization which provides people a platform to share their stories of how mental illness has affected their lives. This Is My Brave shows feature live performances of poetry, music, and essays in their theater setting, and are also shared via the organization's YouTube channel. Follow Jenn on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.