Erica Scott-Hruza, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Erica Scott-Hruza

Erica lives in South Dakota with her two children Anthony and Anden. She works in a daycare center and is in a Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program through Capella University. Erica has bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder that she works to manage daily. She enjoys reading and writing as forms of expression, release, and coping.
Emptying My Head: Bipolar Depression, A Tale of Two People

Emptying My Head: Bipolar Depression, A Tale of Two People


This mental health recovery story focuses on Erica‚Äôs journey through an abusive childhood, a diagnosis of bipolar depression and the feeling of being misunderstood, by other and by herself. Her bipolar depression and anger left Erica confused, when she found therapy she was able to see what was beneath her rage and come through to the other side. Erica realized that her anger masked a deep sadness, as she worked with a counselor she found a way to explore her past and understand her present. Learn more about Erica’s journey!

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