Dominic Barrett, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Dominic Barrett

Dominic Barrett grew up in a small town in South Yorkshire, England. He has three other siblings, two sisters and a brother. Growing up, Dominic felt accustomed to his own company. He enjoyed the isolation. Dominic left school at the age of sixteen and did a variety of jobs. He believes that he did not try hard enough, in school and in life. He was somewhat of a drifter. At the age of twenty-six he joined the Army, and one of his highs was serving six months attached to the United Nations on peace keeping duties in Cyprus. After coming back to the UK things went downhill. Now at the tender age of forty-six, he is working towards a BA (Honours) Criminology/law and is also studying for a foundation certificate in journalism. Now he is a more focused individual and aims to meet his potential, take on new challenges and strives hard to go beyond his expectations. Even though Dominic never learned how to become a child, he is hoping to teach others, it’s ok to talk about their own mental health. This is where he gets his strength and motivation from.