Casey Cannizzaro, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Casey Cannizzaro

Casey Cannizzaro traded the Atlantic for the Pacific. He has called Southern California home for five years. Though he misses Florida thunder and lightning, he’s learning to live with 72 and sunny. He’s been a regular contributor to OC87recovery diaries for two years and draws inspiration from the amazing stories he reads from others. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at twenty one and subsequently seven times thereafter until he finally accepted his diagnosis, and treatment, in his early thirties. He is a long time member of San Diego’s Writer’s Ink and has been featured in multiple anthologies and websites. He’s also mastered the art of writing the perfect dating app profile. He says “too many choices” is why he’s single. The tragedy of plants is that they have roots. He may move to Oregon next week - just ‘cause. He likens his writing to performing stand up, in a room full of people, on a stage, with a mic, except that he’s in his living room, on a couch, naked, with a pen.