Beck Medina, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Beck Medina

Beck is an author and health coach living in Los Angeles. As a writer, Beck has written several young adult fiction novels including 2016’s romantic comedy A Fantastic Mess of Everything and the upcoming action/fantasy series All the Stars on Fire. As a coach, Beck helps women build confidence and cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their body through the Dream Bod Academy, her online fitness and nutrition program. In her spare time Beck enjoys being a cat mom, listening to pop music, going for long walks, and documenting it all on
How Do You Change the Negative Self-Talk Conversation?

How Do You Change the Negative Self-Talk Conversation?


Author and advocate Beck Medina works daily to improve her mental health by cultivating self-compassion. Her essay is a mature take on what it means to be young and plugged-in in 2019 and the cost to your self-image, and how to maintain stability while living with panic attacks and anxiety.