Amanda Olejniczak, Author at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Author: Amanda Olejniczak

Amanda Olejniczak is a poet who uses her writing skills to share about her ongoing journey of healing through trauma. Amanda wants to ensure that anyone who encounters her poetry can take something valuable from it. Growing up, Amanda struggled to feel seen and heard, and knows how impactful it can be so as she continues her own journey to heal, Amanda hopes she is seen as a mental health advocate as well.
Losing Her Saved Me: How I Healed From Trauma

Losing Her Saved Me: How I Healed From Trauma


This mental health recovery story focuses on Amanda’s journey with OCD, Anorexia, Complex PTSD, trauma and grooming. Amanda had to cut off her mother in order to heal. Read to learn more about how Amanda learned to ask for help and recover from trauma.